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About Us

The law company offers one-time or subscription highly qualified legal assistance and advice in many areas of law, while maintaining complete confidentiality and maximum protection of clients’ interests.

The determination in solving the problems, the professional confidence and competence, the individual approach to each situation, the possibility for joint decision-making and providing timely information about the progress of the work on a specific case, accompany the daily work of the office.

Online legal services

Nowadays, performing various online services is part of our daily lives. Online legal services are also now available.

Pro Bono service

“Pro bono” (Latin: pro bono publico- for the public interest) is a phrase from the Latin language and means professional work done voluntarily and without payment.

Subscription service

The law firm offers subscription legal services to companies, associations, foundations and others.

Civil Law

The law company offers you full assistance and protection of the interests of clients in any disputes and legal issues in the field of civil law.

Commercial and corporate law

Legal services for companies, organizations and business associations, creation and termination of legal entities, assistance in carrying out commercial activities.

Family and Inheritance law

Our company offers legal protection and assistance to resolve any issues and disputes in the field of family and inheritance law.

Property and contract law:

We provide consultations on any issues in the field of property law between individuals and / or legal entities, as well as dispute resolution in this area.

Administrative law

We offer legal protection and assistance in resolving any issues and disputes related to legal relations between government agencies and  citizens.

Insurance Law

We offer representation and assistance to insurance companies, as well as procedural representation and legal protection in cases against insurance companies.

Best Service

Why do customers choose us?

We aim for our customers to receive quality service and to be fully informed about their choice. It is important for us that the relationship between Lawyer and Client is built on the foundations of trust, loyalty and ethics. 

Осигуряваме възможността да предоставим пьлно юридическо обслужване на клиентите ни, включително индивидуални решения и безплатни консултации във всички области на правото. 

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