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Family and Inheritance law

Family and Inheritance law

What is family and inheritance law: Family law as an objective law is a system of legal norms that regulate relations based on marriage, kinship and adoption, guardianship and trusteeship.

The subject of the inheritance law is the property relations that arise with the death of one person(the heir) and the transfer of his property to other people (heirs).

We offer

  • Divorce by lawsuits
  • Divorce by mutual consent
  • Replacement the consent of a parent with a court decision- in taking the child outside Republic Of Bulgaria
  • Exercise of the parental rights
  • Maintenance claims
  • Assistance in collecting alimony by force
  • Claims for a larger share of the property acquired during the marriage
  • Preparation of marriage and prenuptial agreements
  • Open heritage research
  • Acceptance and refusal of inheritance
  • Making a will
  • Disputing invalid wills
  • Restoration of a preserved part of an inheritance
  • Inheritance division
  • Others

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