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Property and contract law:

What are property and contract law

Property law is a branch of civil law and covers the set of legal norms governing the right for property and other subjective property rights.

The law of obligations of the Republic of Bulgaria is a part of the civil law and regulates the property relations of the citizens and the legal entities, arising in connection with the trade turnover.

We offer

  • Establishment, acquisition and transfer of rights to real estate and movables
  • Participation in negotiations with potential buyers and sellers to transact real estate and movables
  • Preparation and review of documentation upon acquisition of property or real rights over property, review and analysis of the real legal status of real estate through a full documentary study
  • Preparation of real estate transactions: the purchase and sale, donation, transfer of property for viewing and maintenance, exchange, creation and deletion of mortgages, right of use, limited rights- the right to build and the additions. The preparation includes: checking for encumbrances, getting the necessary documents (tax assessment, sketch, scheme, certificate of marital status, certificate of heirs, etc.), negotiations and drafting of a preliminary contract, consultations for bank loan agreements, drafting of deeds.
  • Protection of impaired possession
  • Getting ownership with a time limit
  • Voluntary and court division
  • Preparation of powers of attorney, applications and other documents
  • Management of condominium, document preparation, collection of contributions
  • The contract for buying a car

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